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Taking Stock

April 10, 2010

I once had a Russian friend in the eighties who told me not to interrupt him because he was ‘playing at capitalism — counting his assets’. As shareholders in a family business ‘taking stock’ may have a very specific meaning. But ‘taking stock’ can also be a way for you to do a personal audit of the assets or gifts you have from your family/family business. All too often we routinely count the damage, scars, limitations that come from our families. But when was the last time we actually looked for the gifts that have been additive. I’ll start ………The gifts I have received:

  • I am able to quickly assess business issues and problem solve to solution.
  • I am able to effectively and respectfully communicate with a wide range of people.
  • I am able to provide for my family in ways my parents only dreamed of.
  • I am able to offer my children and grandchildren an opportunity to invent themselves by working for themselves.
  • And finally I have a memory of my family — Imperfect, sometimes damaging — but nonetheless memories that sustain me when life does not seem as simple as it did so very long ago.
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